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    The Llimink TriView S9, a triple monitor laptop, revolutionizes work efficiency with its 15.6" display, high resolution, and easy compatibility. Ideal for multitasking, it features diverse connectivity options, portable design, and plug-and-play simplicity.

    In an era where the pace of professional endeavors accelerates relentlessly, the art of juggling multiple tasks concurrently has transcended from mere proficiency to an indispensable necessity. Enter the Llimink TriView S9, an avant-garde triple monitor laptop, ingeniously crafted to cater to the exigencies of contemporary vocations. This trailblazing contrivance pledges to metamorphose your workstation into a nexus of efficacy and industriousness.

    The Triumvirate of Power: Augmenting the Work Sphere

    Far from being a mere visual display unit, the TriView S9 emerges as a conduit to amplified productivity. Its 15.6-inch screen coalesces impeccably with laptops ranging from 15 to 17 inches in size. This harmonious compatibility ensures its fluid integration with a plethora of modern computing devices, bestowing a substantial enhancement to your current technological ensemble. The 1920x1080 resolution proffers vivid, lucid imagery, ensuring each pixel plays a pivotal role in your occupational pursuits.

    Unrivaled Visual Fidelity

    In the realm of prolonged occupational endeavors, ocular comfort is paramount, and here the TriView S9 excels. Boasting a luminosity of 250 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 800:1, it promises a viewing experience that minimizes ocular strain and fatigue. Furthermore, the 30ms refresh rate is instrumental for tasks demanding fluid visual transitions, be it in video editing or graphic design.

    • Llimink TriView S9
      From $699.99
      15.6" Large LED Screen Folds 235°
      The Triview S9 ultra-wide screen offers more horizontal screen real estate, which is great for multitasking, gaming, and content creation. It's especially valuable for apps that benefit from more workspace on the screen.

      15.6 "

      15-17 "
      Adapted laptop



    Empowering Multifarious Task Handling

    The notion of multitasking, far from being a mere buzzword, is a crucial element of contemporary professional life. The TriView S9, with its 16:9 aspect ratio and 72% NTSC color gamut, provides expansive screen space, indispensable for a variety of professional tasks. Whether it’s programming, graphic designing, or spreadsheet management, this monitor empowers you to visualize more, accomplish more, and elevate your productivity manifold.

    Variegated Connectivity Solutions

    The TriView S9 comes equipped with a diverse array of connectivity options, including Mini HDMI (2.0) and dual USB Type C (3.1) ports. This versatility enables connections not only with laptops but also with an array of devices such as gaming consoles like PS4, XBOX, Nintendo SWITCH, PCs, and even digital cameras. Its universal adaptability ensures it remains a pivotal component in any technological ecosystem.

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    Design and Mobility: Exemplifying Portable Efficacy

    Tipping the scales at merely 1.78kg and measuring 408mm x 239mm x 25.3mm, the TriView S9 epitomizes portable efficiency. Its inbuilt kickstand and foldable structure, allowing adjustments up to 235 degrees on the left and 180 degrees on the right, facilitates effortless setup and adaptability to your viewing preferences. The foldability also ensures ease of storage and transport, making it an ideal companion for the mobile professional.

    Plug-and-Play Simplicity

    In the technological domain, simplicity is highly prized. The TriView S9 embodies this principle with its driver-free functionality. This plug-and-play feature ensures immediate operability sans the inconvenience of installing supplementary software or drivers, a true time-saver, and a testament to Llimink’s user-centric design ethos.

    Compatibility and Inclusivity

    The TriView S9’s compatibility with both Windows and MacOS (excluding M1 and M2 chip laptops) reflects a design philosophy that embraces inclusivity. Irrespective of your operating system preference, this monitor seamlessly assimilates into your workflow, ensuring no professional is sidelined in this technological renaissance.

    Package Contents: A Comprehensive Ensemble

    Llimink ensures a complete setup from the outset. The package encompasses two USB-C cables, two USB-A to USB-C cables, an HDMI to Mini HDMI cable, a cable storage tape, and a laptop bag. This all-encompassing kit equips you fully to leverage the potential of your TriView S9.


    The Llimink TriView S9 transcends the ordinary, symbolizing the evolution of the workplace. By augmenting your laptop's visual capacity, it offers an unprecedented uplift in productivity, creativity, and efficiency. It’s not just an acquisition; it’s an investment in your professional ascension and a stride towards a more dynamic and adaptable work environment.


    Can the TriView S9 be utilized with any laptop?

    Yes, the TriView S9 is compatible with laptops that have screen sizes ranging from 15 to 17 inches, ensuring its adaptability to most contemporary laptops.

    Is software installation requisite for the TriView S9?

    No, the TriView S9 is a plug-and-play apparatus, obviating the need for any supplementary software or drivers.

    Does the TriView S9 boast portability?

    Indeed! Weighing a mere 1.78kg and featuring a collapsible design, the TriView S9 is impeccably suited for the professional on the move.

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